You’ve invested in a beautiful timber floor for your home, so you obviously want to keep it looking like new for as long as possible. Here are a few tips!

      1. 1  Sand is your floors worst enemy. Always try to keep sand off your floor and vacuum or sweep it up as soon as possible.
      2. 2  Use felt pads on the bottom of your furniture – And replace them often! If they get sand embedded in them they will start to scratch rather than protect your floor.
      3. 3  Use the ENJO Floor cleaning system or a damp microfibre mop to regularly remove dirt. Don’t use a sopping wet mop, and clean up any spillage quickly.
      4. 4  DO NOT Use a steam mop as this can force moisture into the timber causing it to deform.
      5. 5  DO NOT use solvents like Acetone, Turps, Nail polish remover etc on your floor as these can cause the coating to completely blister off. Clean up any accidental spillages immediately.
      6. 6  If you must use a chair with casters replace them with the rubber wheeled ones.

Casters and felt protection pads are available at our showroom.