The colour of the floor will significantly affect the atmosphere of the space, regardless of how big or tiny the room is. As such, it is necessary that you consider what effect each colour has on your space so that you can create the environment or the ambience that you desire. Compared to light-coloured flooring, darker floors can help bring the room in while giving depth and character, especially if you have a large open-plan area with lots of natural light. Dark timber flooring can also last longer than lighter floors since dark wood does not fade as quickly as light floors. The natural grains, stains and scruffs of the wood is also more visible in dark timber making perfect for installation in Perth homes.

At Floors By Nature, we can help you decide on what flooring to get by going through the different types of wood flooring that’s suitable to your space and showing you what colours are in stock. Our timber flooring specialists are experienced, especially when it comes to choosing types and colours of flooring required in each environment. We encourage viewing multiple flooring types in different wood species, textures, and colours so that you can see what suits you best. Large flooring samples are available in our showroom so that you can get a real look and feel of what dark timber flooring can look like for your Perth home.

Our Stocks of Solid or Natural and Engineered Dark Timber Flooring in Perth

We source our stocks of dark timber flooring in Perth from trusted and local and international manufacturers of timber, oak, bamboo and hybrid floorings. As experienced floor specialists, we make sure to bring you the best quality of dark timber flooring available in the market for residential and commercial installations in Perth. 

Feel free to browse through our collection of dark timber flooring and let us know if you have questions on supply and installation in Perth.

Floors By Nature Stocks Solid and Engineered Dark Timber Flooring for Perth Installations

With experience in the flooring industry since 1956, we have seen all types of dark-coloured wood floorings and know which types and colours suit different installations. We have also mastered the different flooring installation methods required for each type of flooring and always complete each project to the highest standard.

For efficient flooring supply and installation services in Perth, call Floors by Nature on (08) 9331 5004 or send us an online enquiry to get a quote. You can also visit our flooring showroom in 2/291 Stock Road O’Connor to see our available stocks of dark timber flooring in Perth.