Floating Floor


This method is used for Laminate and engineering flooring. As the picture suggests, black plastic is laid on the bare concrete slap to help prevent moisture from penetrating the flooring. Following this comes the underlay which comes in various types depending on your budget.


Direct Stick


This is by far the most popular method here in Western Australia for the fixing of your new timber floor. As the picture suggests, a moisture barrier is applied to the concrete slab, then the timber is glued and nailed to the concrete. the overlay timber used in this method can range from 10mm to 14mm in thickness, however 19mm can still be used.

Plank on Ply


Plank on ply is very useful when the concrete slab has slight variations. A moisture barrier is applied to the concrete slab, then sheets of plywood are glued and nailed direct to the concrete. The timber is then glued and top nailed with small brads to the plywood.

Plank on Battens

Plank on battens1

Plank on battens is mainly used in houses where the client wants the hollow sounding floors, just like the older houses where 19mm boards were nailed onto joists. Now a days thought, we either apply black plastic or apply a moisture barrier onto the concrete slab, fix the battens down, then glue the timber onto the battens. The boards used in this method must be 19mm or above to compensate.