Decking Installation


Wurth ScrewsAWurthll our decks at Floors by Nature are constructed on an H3 Treated Pine subframe, attached to galvanised stirrups and firmly seated in concrete footings. We fix the deck using German engineered and manufactured Wurth Stainless Steel screws – This ensures that boards are solidly held and you aren’t spending weekends punching in nails. Our deck construction complies with or exceeds the requirements set out in the Australian Timber Framing Standard AS 1684.


A TREX deck constructed by Floors By Nature will have the same H3 Treated pine subframe that we make for our timber decks. When we fix the TREX planks we use the genuine TREX secret fastening system and colour coded epoxy capped star drive screws to make sure that the clean TREX look is maintained for a long time into the future. TREX Lighting systems are a simple way to really add style to your outdoor area.

Trex-Decking-Display-Lava-Rock-Waterford (Copy)

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