Porcelain Tiles Perth: Apodio 19.5×120

Porcelain Tiles are a wonderful and diverse product. They have become more and more popular as a flooring choice in recent years due to the great benefits they bring over other flooring options. Wide Porcelain Tiles can make any room look bigger with its wide tiles’ smooth and expansive feel. The 19.5×120 Porcelain Tiles by Apodio makes for excellent residential and commercial installations.

The Apodio 19.5×120 Porcelain Tiles are available in timber styles or wood textures with a high-class Matt surface finish. With this, you can create a design that flows and connects throughout the different areas of your house. Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice, as they can be installed on both walls and floors for design freedom. 

While Porcelain Tiles are both scratch and stain-resistant, this wall or flooring material is not damage proof and can still be stained with permanent dyes or inks. When this happens, immediately take a damp smooth cloth and wipe the surface until stain-free. If you are using porcelain tiles as kitchen countertop to match your splashback, remember to use a chopping board when slicing or pounding to avoid immediate wear and tear. Though Porcelain Tiles can withstand heavy loads, it is still vulnerable to cracks when exposed to great impacts such as objects the size of a big refrigerator or a large bed heavily falling or hitting porcelain floors or walls. 

At Floors By Nature, we have a dedicated team ready to answer any questions regarding size, tiling options and porcelain tiles Perth maintenance. Get in touch with us on (08) 9331 5004 to order a 19.5×120 Porcelain Tile sample or a complete set of porcelain tiles for your Perth property.

Why People Love 

Each 19.5×120 Porcelain Tile covers up to 1.404SQM which is a good choice for both flooring and wall installations.


Apodio’s 19.5×120 Porcelain Tiles features a > 2.10 g/cc Apparent Density rate and a Min Class 4 Stain-Resistant property rate. 


The Porcelain Tiles have Min. 0.55 Impact-Resistant property as well as Frost-Resistant and Thermal Shock-Resistant properties which make the material a good choice for long-lasting installations. 

Floors By Nature has an extensive range of tiles for Perth homes. Order your Apodio 19.5×120 Porcelain Tiles Perth today.