Porcelain Tiles Perth: Apodio 60×120

In recent years, wide Porcelain Tiles have become more and more popular as a flooring choice due to the great benefits they bring over other flooring options. Wide Porcelain Tiles are a good alternative to wide timber planks when it comes to making a room look bigger. The 60×120 Porcelain Tiles by Apodio makes for good residential and commercial installations because of the smooth expansive feel of the wide tiles.

The Apodio 60×120 Porcelain Tiles are available in Stone textures with a high-class Gloss surface finish which can be installed on floors or walls. With a good surface area, each tile can cover up 1.44SQM / 15.5 SQFT, creating long and clean lines that flow and connect through the different areas of your house. Floors By Nature stocks a wide range of Apodio 60×120 Porcelain Tiles which gives you the design freedom to furnish your space. 

Porcelain Tiles are scratch, stain and water-resistant which makes them the perfect choice for wet area installations like the bathroom or the kitchen. Aside from flooring, you can also install Porcelain Tiles as splashbacks and countertops; keeping in mind to use a chopping board at all times to avoid immediate wear and tear. For proper maintenance, make sure to take a damp cloth and wipe the surface clean especially when stained with permanent dyes or inks. Also, avoid hitting your Porcelain Tiles with heavy objects such as the weight of large refrigerators or appliances.

Order 60×120 Porcelain Tiles from Floors By Nature! We stock a range of 60×120 Porcelain Tiles by Apodio in a variety of Stone patterns and textures. Phone us on  (08) 9331 5004 to order a tile sample or to get a complete set of porcelain tiles for your Perth property.

Why People Love 

People love Apodio’s 60×120 Porcelain Tiles in Stone textures with a High Gloss finish because of their ability to add a timeless & elegant feel to any room. 


Apodio’s 60×120 Porcelain Tiles feature a > 2.10 g/cc Apparent Density rate, a Min Class 4 Stain-Resistant property rate as well as a 0.01% Moisture Expansion rate.  


These Porcelain Tiles have a Min. 0.55 Impact-Resistance rate and a Min. 3000 N Breaking Strength property rate. They are also Frost-Resistant and Thermal Shock-Resistant, making them a good choice for commercial and residential flooring and wall installations.

Find the perfect tile for your Perth home with Apodio’s 60×120 Porcelain Tiles, supplied and installed with Floors By Nature!