Apodio 60×60: Tiles Perth

With Porcelain Tiles, you can create a design that flows and connects through the different areas of your home. Porcelain Tiles can make any room look bigger with their smooth and expansive feel. The 60×60 Porcelain Tiles by Apodio make for great residential and commercial tiles on walls or floors.

Our Apodio 60×60 Porcelain Tiles are available in Stone styles with Micro Crystal Diamond Glossy finish. With a 9MM Thickness and 600x600MM area, each tile covers 1.44SQM / 15.5 SQFT. Apodio tiles are a great option for wall or flooring tiles in Perth residential or commercial properties. The tiles are stain, scratch and water-resistant, with no moisture expansion rate. They also possess Frost and Thermal Shock Resistant properties. 

Though our Perth Porcelain Tiles are easy to install and easier to maintain, Porcelain Tiles also need proper care to keep up their elegance like any other flooring material. When spilled with permanent dyes or inks, immediately take a damp cloth with a soft cleaning solution and wipe the surface clean. Ensure you’re using a chopping board when slicing or pounding when you use Porcelain Tiles as countertop and splashback. Additionally, be careful not to hit or bump porcelain tiles with heavy objects, including appliances like refrigerators.

At Floors By Nature, our team of flooring specialists are ready to answer any questions regarding Apodio’s 60×60 Porcelain Tiles. So get in touch with us on (08) 9331 5004 for any size guides, tiling advice or porcelain tiles maintenance questions. 

Why People Love 

People love Apodio’s 60×60 Porcelain Tiles with the ‘Micro Crystal Diamond Gloss’ finish because of the classic and elegant feel they bring to every surface they cover.  


Apodio’s 60×60 Porcelain Tiles feature a > 2.10 g/cc Apparent Density rate and a Min Class 3 Stain-Resistant rate. 


The Porcelain Tiles have Min. 0.55 Impact-Resistant property and a >2200 N Breaking Strength property rate.

Floors By Nature are the leading tile supply and flooring contractor in Perth, stocking a range of 60×60 Porcelain Tiles by Apodio!