Easi Plank Perth

Creators have taken the best features of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring to create hybrid flooring. What makes Hybrid Flooring special is the acoustic underlay and the commercial-grade coating and protective layer added to the material. Like its predecessors, hybrid flooring is very easy to install and is available in click and lock planks or tiles. 

The Easi-Plank SPC Hybrid Flooring by Preference Floors is a highly durable flooring choice for interior spaces especially in commercial areas prone to water spillage. This 100% waterproof flooring also has acoustic underflooring solutions from an attached foam layer that minimises noise especially when installed in high-traffic areas such as a commercial kitchen. Easi-Plank is available in a range of classic Australian Timber Flooring colours and textures and a contemporary colour palette. 


Since hybrid flooring is developed from the best features of vinyl and laminate flooring, the Easi-Plank SPC Hybrid Flooring has 100% complete waterproof properties which makes it the perfect choice for areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 


The Easi-Plank SPC Hybrid Flooring is completely durable especially since it is made from stone polymer composite (SPC) which is limestone and PVC dust combined with a stabilizer, making the flooring comfortable to walk on. 

Get all the best features of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring in the Easi-Plank SPC Hybrid Flooring!