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Timber Stairs Perth

There is nothing that attracts the eye more than a Timber Staircase! Timber flooring has that classic yet modern look and feels attached to it, making any installation look sophisticated yet warm and cozy. Whether it’s a floating tread staircase or a concrete/MDF staircase clad with Timber, using timber flooring for your Perth stairs is always a good choice. 

With a wide range of natural Australian hardwood and engineered timber flooring available as timber stairs, our products are available in various colours, textures and finishes. As per the Building Code of Australia, all our timber stair installations meet the slip rating for staircases and high-quality anti-slip coatings for solid timber. 

If you want to have flooring that flows through your entire house and connects all of your floor levels, go with timber stairs! For product and service enquiries, get in touch with us to speak to our helpful staff and schedule a showroom visit as soon as possible. 


Australian Hardwood Timber Stairs have endless design possibilities due to the various wood timber species which can be mixed and matched to achieve the look you desire. 


Our natural Australian Hardwood for timber stairs have a high Janka Rating to ensure durability and performance in any residential or commercial installation. 

Achieve that classic, modern, rustic or urban look and feel in your Perth home with Australian Hardwood Timber Stairs from Floors By Nature!