Engineered Prefinished Flooring

Engineered Timber floors ARE REAL TIMBER floors that also have very real advantages.

The construction of the flooring consists of a 3mm – 6mm real hardwood timber veneer pre-laminated to an engineered backing board (Plywood) which forms the tongue and groove. They are commonly pre-finished on a factory coating line, with 7 – 9 thin layers of coatings applied. The final coat often includes a hardening additive(Aluminium Oxide) to increase durability of the finished product. These design features lead to a very stable product that resists movement. As with solid timber, the hardness of an engineered floor (Janka Rating) is dependant only on the top timber, not the backing. Engineered boards come in packs and therefore boards are usually about 1.8m long. Some of these lengths are made up of 2 shorter planks which really help us to achieve a random pattern when we install your floor.


Engineered flooring can be either floated on an approved underlay, or glued directly to a suitable subfloor in order to achieve a more solid feel underfoot.( See Installations Page)

The advantages of engineered flooring has led to it becoming an increasingly popular substitute for traditional solid timber flooring.


Price effective – Compared to a solid board of the same width an engineered installation can be $20 -$40 cheaper /m2


Pre-finished – the boards arrive at your home already coated. Once they are installed you can move straight in – No waiting for sanding and finishing. It’s easy to see why this is a popular choice for renovations and apartments.


Consistent- the boards are coated in the controlled conditions of a factory spray booth so the finish is of an extremely high standard.


Future proof – Just like a solid timber floor, your engineered floor can be re-sanded and coated where it lays if it is ever damaged.


Environmentally Responsible – All the timber is sourced from sustainable forests through the FSC Chain of custody. Using only a thin layer of timber means that one tree goes much further.



For the renovators Engineered Flooring gives you the flexibility to have beautiful timber floor and still use your home.

At Floors By Nature we have large samples of the Engineered products on display so you will know exactly what your floor will look like. Also available are the popular Blackbutt and Spotted Gum in a Matt finish.



PDF  ATFA Hardness 33


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