About Us

atfa_partnerFloors By Nature has been a business since 1965. From what originally started out from building boats, we then progressed into a very popular joinery division.

This was the main profession for many years, and included every aspect of machining, including turning a variety of timbers into door frames, window frames, skirting boards and lining boards. Through this process, we met many other carpenters and joiners along the way, which led us onto new and exciting things. Before we knew it, we had successfully evolved into a dedicated timber flooring business as you know us today.

For the past six years, Floors by Nature have been manufacturing, distributing, importing and selling to both wholesale business and retail. We have a great showroom to reflect the quality of work we do located in O’Conner and have a small warehouse on the same block of land to service all out trade requirements. As over the years, we have had a diverse range of relationships with contractors, carpenters and machinists in the industry, we personally know good quality and good value for money.