Trex Composite Decking by the

Trex Decking Perth

With its low maintenance and high-quality nature, Trex Decking is the perfect composite decking solution for your home.

Trex Composite Decking is a premier line of eco-friendly composite boards perfect for outdoor use as decking in Perth homes. Trex composite boards are made from locally sourced reclaimed wood mixed with recycled plastic films from various sources such as plastic bags, grocery bags and paper towel overwraps. These are then moulded to form composite boards in different sizes for easier installation. 

The TrexTranscend® Series is the latest and the best composite decking from Trex Company. It features a collection of boards with enhanced flooring performance in luxury tones of earth & tropical colours and textures including Spiced Rum, Tiki Torch, Island Mist, Havana Gold, Lava Rock and Rope Swing. For easy and quick installation, Trex composite decking is available in square edge boards and grooved edge boards as well as a fascia. Made out of 95% recycled materials, TrexTranscend® can easily be maintained with just a simple wash of warm water and light soap using a soft bristle brush. 


Unlike most flooring materials, Trex Decking Composite Boards have a protective shell with deeply embedded wood grains which gives them their ageless aesthetic. Made from 95% recyclable materials, the composite floorboards are stain and scratch-resistant. 


Compared to regular natural wood flooring, Trex Composite boards require less maintenance and will not splint and rot from insect infestation. Compared to regular PVC, Trex Composite boards are more environmentally friendly and will not shrink or expand from temperature changes as well as stain from repellents or other cleaning agents. 

Get Trex Decking, the #1 decking perfect for Perth homes, through installation by Floors By Nature!