FAQ - Engineered European Oak Flooring Supply and Installation in Perth Q. Are there benefits to engineered European oak flooring? Some of the benefits of engineered European oak flooring include durability as" />

Engineered European Oak Flooring Perth

Engineered Oaks are a great way to get a real French Oak floor that is stained and finished for the fraction of the price. Engineered European Oak Flooring Perth supplies are real timber floors with an extra supportive layer that offers many advantages aside from what genuine French Oak Flooring entails. Made from 3mm – 6mm real French Oak veneer, pre-laminated to an engineered backing board (Plywood or French Birch) which forms the tongue and groove, Engineered European Oak is very stable with minimal floor movement.  


Engineered European Oak features multi-layer UV-cured wear-resistant Premium German Klumpp Polyurethane coating with matte coating and a light wire brush surface. 


Features ABCD grades with natural grains that run perpendicular to the Engineered European Oak flooring. 


Our Engineered European Oak flooring Perth range has a Janka Hardness scale of  6.6 kN, very suitable for domestic and commercial installations.