FAQ - Aspire RBC Hybrid Flooring Supply and Installation in Perth Q. Can Aspire hybrid flooring withstand constant exposure to water? Definitely! Aspire RBC is a next-generation hybrid " />

Aspire Hybrid Flooring Perth

The Aspire RCB Hybrid Flooring by Preference Floors is the most grounded and stable next-generation hybrid flooring available in the market. Manufactured from the recently developed Rigid Composite Core Board (RCB) material with advanced inert mineral compounds, this hybrid flooring provides very little movement. Together with an acoustic underfloor layer that minimises noise transmittance, the Aspire RCB Hybrid Flooring is the perfect choice for dense and high-traffic installations in Perth.  

Available in a range of Australian Timber Flooring colours and textures and in a modern/contemporary colour palette, you have many choices for residential and commercial installations. Its 0.5 m wear layer also has a water-based PU coating to enhance scratch-resistant properties and prevent early wear and tear. As a hybrid flooring, Aspire is also waterproof and slip-resistant.  


Aspire RCB Hybrid Flooring features next-generation stabilisers as it is made from Rigid Composite Core Board (RCB) with advanced inert mineral compounds. 


Available in super-width planks, Aspire RCB Hybrid Flooring has a 0.5mm robust wear layer perfect for residential applications and commercial installations. 

Feel safe and walk on solid ground with the Aspire RCB Hybrid Flooring, the next-generation hybrid flooring for commercial and residential installations!